Wednesday, April 27, 2011

F550EXR, S200EXR, HS20 and X100 – Adobe Camera RAW Support is a Reality – Be Still my Heart!!!!!

OMFG. I really did  not think this would happen. And so fast!

I just saw an email for a post into my thread at Adobe’s ideas forum. We have achieved a massive lead thanks to your support … over 40 votes now, 33% more than second place. I really have no idea if this thread made any real difference, but Camera RAW 6.4 and Lightroom 3.4 have been released and they support these cameras!

From my email of a moment ago:


The announcement on adobe’s site is here.

My thread with our 42 likes is here. It auto scrolls you to the official post form Tom.

Update: I can safely say that ACR is a dream come true with this sensor. I get much better output with much less work using ACR instead of Silkypix. Handling of noise is especially competent. One missing feature is lens distortion correction, but I just need to create a profile for it one day …

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