Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sony HX9V – Oh my … the video is astounding …

The F550EXR has been somewhat disappointing in video mode. I so like the sound, it’s decent with the stereo microphones. But the openness of the video does not match the ZS3 at all and the stabilization at 360mm does not quite handle the field of view. A little jitter creeps in, which is also common to other Fuji cameras like the HS series.

Then I see this unbelievable video from the HX9V … I’ve seen others that show off Sony’s prowess as a video company, but this one was shot in the same mode as my Bruce Cockburn videos and there is no jitter. To be fair, he was not fighting to get around heads as I was, but still … this is a remarkable piece of video.

Robert Plant & The Band of Joy - Ramble On - Portland, OR - Sony HX9V from ML71 on Vimeo.

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