Tuesday, July 21, 2009

100th Sale of one of my Images!

I shot a series of "Quill with Ink" images some time ago and put them up on Fotolia. I put a few other images up there and some have sold a few times, but nothing like this image. It's a heavy hitter for me. In fact, it sells 10.6% of the time ... 940 views and 100 sales. That's really something, as few images have that kind of staying power.

Today, it sold for the 100th time, and it was a large image, so I netted $2.45usd for that. Yesterday I sold a medium and the day before I sold a small. July has been good, and June was even better. And this is one image ... imagine if one had a dozen heavy hitters .... that finances the hobby just fine. Of course, it's small change because this is micro-stock, but still ... it's like investing ... the money comes in while you sleep.

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