Friday, July 10, 2009

Nick's European Tour -- Leg 3 -- Budapest

Just received a collect call from Venice ... Nick is off to Budapest in a couple of hours. This is a night train, 14 hours in one shot. Here is an approximation of the route ... they cross the border into Slovenia once and then again into Austria before finally crossing into Hungary.

Georgie received her passport on the last day she could and met Nick last night at the airport. The hostel had no more rooms, so they ended up bunking in Nick's room after getting hammered and changing the itinerary a bit. Slovenia ate too much time, so they chose the long ride to Budapest to get more time in that beautiful city.

Nick has been eating a lot of Italian food (what a shock :-) ... two days in a row, he has eaten Linguini Alla Vongole ... that is a clam sauce. He had the red sauce a couple of days ago with baby clams, and the white sauce (olive oil and garlic) yesterday with whole clams. I like it either way, but my preference is baby clams and the white sauce. A local restaurant, though, makes a red sauce that is too die for ... Capone's on Carling Avenue ... try it.

Nick says that Venice is *full* of Australians this time of year ... he is bunking with several in his room. They stayed up half the night swooning over McDonalds last night because they are all broke and only eating once a day. This morning, they blew a fortune going into town and having a huge McDonalds meal :-/

Anyway ... he's off to Hungary, and then he is talking about Vienna. Austria is so close, after all ...

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