Friday, July 17, 2009

Nick's European Tour -- Leg 5 -- Prague

So off they went today to Prague. They were in Vienna for approximately 24 hours, of which 10% of that time was spent watching Harry Potter in the theater :-) ... apparently it was very good.

Anyway, this was a high speed train and they were supposed to reserve seats, but the machine in Vienna was broken, the person at the ticketing booth said it would be fine. Well, "fine" was the right word, since a woman came on board and fined them for not having reserved seats ... 8 Euros each. Nick was furious, but she said (in a leap of anti-logic) that the machines in Prague were fine. Sheesh ... and she underscored it by trying to steal his change, which caused both Nick and Georgie to tee off on her.

Nick also managed to leave his skate board on the train and the management at the station were as unhelpful as always -- they have had a lot of issues in Eastern Europe so far and police, staff at train stations and well, everyone has been universally unhelpful -- just something to contemplate for those who want to traipse about in that part of the world ... and of course a warning to those prone to wall to wall brain farts :-)

Obviously, Nick is in quite a mood, as he is now down several hundred more dollars unless providence smiles on him tomorrow at the train station lost and found. I suppose we'll see. He is also getting a little down because he is forced to eat in restaurants more than he likes and it is hurting his budget ...

Anyway ... another safe arrival ... can't complain about that.

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