Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pool and Garden Update

Uh huh ... I know what you are saying ... when will these updates stop? Well, that would be when I don't feel like shooting images of my pool and garden any more. Which may very will be never.

So I put on my wonderful Mennonite Chicken Soup around 3:30pm today and wandered about the garden while waiting for it to come to a boil. With a half frozen chicken in the pot, that takes a bit of time.

Anyway ... the pool looked terrific, and I had had my first swim since the great greening of the water, so I thought I'd shoot some daisies again ... and yes, I know that there is no reasonable logical connection between the two halves of this statement :-)

I happened to have the 70-300VR on the D300 today, and was using it to shoot the soup, so I continued shooting with it outside. It's important that I convince myself that this lens is good enough to shoot Crombie McNeill's next workshop on my birthday next Sunday.

The water is simply outstanding now ... crystal clear, feels and smells nice ... the swim was most pleasant.

I caught some nice images of the daisies on their own, although there isn't too much point in trying to compete with the Tamron 180. That lens can focus as close as I want, while this lens focuses to something like 3 feet. Still, at 300mm I can get very close.

Here's yet another attempt at deep end ladder behind shallow end daisy ... this one is not bad at all. What is important here is that the bokeh looks pretty decent, which really matters when the background is behind a model.

From the house side of the pool, I shoot close in on the garden side of the pool and catch a nice formation of the daisies.

And a nice formation of the Annabelle Hydrangeas that grow right beside the pool (and manage to always cross the 2 feet of cement there.)

One last shot from a long way towards the shallow end, where the daisy bushes disappear under the Buffalo Berry tree / bush. I like this sort of shot ... with a wee bit of mystery as things vanish into the dark ...

I was done just as the chicken was boiling (for some indeterminate amount of time :-)

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