Sunday, July 19, 2009

This is bull shit!

The immortal words of Alex Grady (played by Eric Roberts) in Best of the Best II ... one of my favorite movie series from karate days, the other being -- you guessed it -- The Karate Kid.

But what is bull shit today is the missed opportunity on the very last shot of The Open Championship by 59 year and 10 month old Tom Watson. One of the greatest players ever ... he chunked a putt to win, decelerated through and it looked entirely half-hearted.

In the playoff, the much younger Stewart Cink slaughtered Tom by 6 strokes in 4 holes to win his first major, and although that's a very good thing, this was Tom's year and a year to celebrate for all us old farts.

I need a beer .... oh yeah ... I don't really drink.

I need to start drinking ...

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