Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Panachallenge 2nd Place -- Amanda

I entered one of my images from the first Crombie McNeill / Barrett Palmer Models shoot into a challenge at Panachallenge.com, a challenge site (duh!) I used to frequent a great deal.

I got so into that site at one point that I was driven to try to lead the open category in every possible statistic. It took a bit of time, but I accomplished that and have led now for a couple of years.

About a year ago I won "Passageways" (challenge #45) with the following image, shot during a trip to London in May of 2008. We were descending one night into one of the tube stations, probably in the business district, and I thought the curved passage looked cool. By a fluke, this timing coincided with the entry period for Passageways.

And a little luck allowed me to enter challenge #61, "Interaction" with this image (entitled "The Breakup" ) from the Aylmer shoot:

I really like this image, and I frankly thought it deserved to win. I was a tad worried about one other image, a decent photograph of two people at a carnival, but otherwise I felt fairly safe. That image took a perplexing 10th by the way.

I had, of course, forgotten the fact that people do not vote with their heads, only with their hearts. This shows up with the number of cutsie images that win, like cats and dogs and kids etc.

I also got some disturbing comments ... someone said it looked contrived and artificial (what, snapshots only?) and someone else suggested that people are no longer interacting after a breakup (huh?)

Well, my image took 2nd place, which would normally be a cause for celebration. And it isn't the fact that I was beaten. It's the fact that I was beaten by a snail interacting with a happy face drawn in ink on the end of a finger :-/

I know that I sound ungrateful, but I will be wearing a figurative bag over my head for a week ... :-)


Cait said...

That picture you took in London is very cool.

Kim Letkeman said...

Thanks Caity, that was one of the nicer tube stations. I was shocked when it had won, having forgot to check until late that night.