Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nick's European Tour -- Leg 7 -- Munich

So Nick called this morning from the Munich train station after about a 6 hour ride. Long way from the top of Germany to the bottom. He's traveling alone now, but he seems ok with that.

He mentions that there is a dramatic increase in the amount of English spoken as you enter western Europe, but also a commensurate increase in prices of everything.

He says that Berlin was great ... they saw the Jewish Museum, which was fascinating. More history than he could have imagined. They saw the Berlin Zoo, which apparently has the largest collection of species in the world. Man, I'd love to have the camera there.

The weather was not that great, but they have excellent indoor exhibits for the animals in that situation, so he still had a great time. At one point, the lions went nuts and started roaring at each other, he says the display was pretty spectacular. At the hippo exhibit, a couple of babies started fightingin the water as Georgi was filming. That'll be something to see :-)

The food was quite good ... stereotypicall, they ate a lot of German sausage. And last night they all went out for a really nice steak dinner, his first real sit down meal in a long time. Twenty euro is nothing to sneeze at, but ya gotta live.

In a few days, he's off to Amsterdam.

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