Thursday, July 30, 2009

Real Men Play Golf

My next door neighbor has a friend named Bob Bangerter who is a professional photographer in Hawaii. His company is called Photo Images Maui and he shoots a lot of scenic and areal images, architecture and golf. He sent me a link to his web site and on that site I found this wonderful shot of a real man showing true athleticism and dedication.

And yes, I'm being a bit tongue in cheek, but one must always remember what a truly great golfer John Daly has been over the years. For a big man he is very flexible (he still gets the club parallel on the back swing) and his power is unmistakable.

So check out his site ... some of the images are simply breath-taking. Who would not want to live in such incredible beauty?

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Crazy Football Mom said...

Hey, he looks like John Candy to me! Or wait, that was Caddy Shack and it was Rodney Dangerfield. Never mind...great pic! It's very telling AND it gives me a visceral reaction. (???) just kidding, bro.