Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ottawa Citizen Getting Really Sleazy

I allowed the the Ottawa Citizen to suck me into receiving the paper on weekends for three months at a discounted rate. This evaluation came to an end months ago, and I decided that I would not renew because I simply don't have the inclination to read the paper any more.

But they are very persistent ... for example I am still receiving the paper. No idea why. They sent me an email saying that I still owed them money. I replied that I never authorized the continued delivery and had no obligation to pay.

Their call center continues to bother me ... I fielded what is at least the 10th call from them a few moments ago. I have told every caller to stop. It continues ... which to me is a sign of desperation (which I can understand in these times.)

But it is also sleazy ... I never authorized continued delivery ... I have clearly stated multiple times that I will not renew ... in email as well. I have threatened a law suit if they keep pestering me. It never stops.

As a business, I must say that they should be ashamed ...


Sue W said...

Ha...they've been doing this particular thing for at least 25 years! One approach you can try: "Please put me on your Do Not Call list."
(Although technically you volunteered to be a customer of theirs and this isn't an unsolicited call.)

Kim Letkeman said...

Not even after telling them to stop at least 5 times and threatening a law suit twice :-)