Monday, July 13, 2009

Broken Social Scene at Bluesfest

So I pick up Jonny at his mom's last night and just as I arrive, Broken Social Scene starts blasting away just up the street at Bluesfest ... a free concert no less.

Jon suggests we go, I park illegally (like there would be any legal parking there) and off we walk the block and a half or so to the stage.

Very nice setup ... a real peach for those who live in the apartments that line the streets. They had their windows open and were standing there with a glass of wine in hand ... life is sometimes very rough when you live at party central ...

This band is a rather loose collection (from what I can tell) of artists, with many instruments including cornets and trombone. It makes their music very interesting. The drummer we saw last night was awesome.

Anyway ... enjoyed the band and the crowd ...

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