Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taming Infinity -- Manil Suri

So I was reading some Strobist, which is David Hobby's site on how to light images with portable flashes. It is world-renown, and if you want your images to improve, consider learning to add light. I've been trying to include this in my repertoire, but I am one of those lazy types who is rarely prepared for such an enterprise. This needs changing ...

Anyway ... back to Infinity. David documented one of his "On Assignments" as a session with Manil Suri, who is not only a brilliant mathematician, but also a best-selling author of fiction. OMG ... why do people with such talent exist, and they aren't me :-)

David shot some stunning images, I'll reference one of them here, but be aware that these are copyrighted by David Hobby and you should go look at the whole set here on Flickr.

Here is Manil's lecture on Taming Infinity on YouTube. This is fascinating stuff and is worth an hour of your time if you find math interesting.

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