Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ace Burpee and Sierra Noble

In case you missed my introduction post for Sierra Noble, she appeared this morning on the Ace Burpee show on Hot 103 in Winnipeg, my home town. I was listening while working on the OMG specification, but just had to drop a note into the blog to mention that she did a fun little duet with Ace ... her song Possibility.

Awesome ... she played and sang well, as expected, but they broke into laughter when Ace sang the high part ... it was really cute. She just posted this link to a video of the duet on YouTube.

Sierra seems like one of the sweetest women on the planet (and I know some really sweet women.)

Sierra recently played a music festival in Halifax and was stunned to be asked to be Sir Paul McCartney's 3rd opening act. Good for her!!

Buy her EP on iTunes ... it's really terrific.

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