Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crombie McNeill Workshop with Barrett Palmer Models Mk II - Part 3

I thought I'd whip off a few more from the earlier part of the day, which was underrepresented in parts 1 and 2. This post is about 2/3 Blythe and Nils and 1/3 Warren and Betsy.

Again, I remain very pleased with the results, the expressions are marvelous. I loved the light, except when colors were off. In this post I use black and white a bit more often than before, and they look really nice for the most part.

Here's a lovely shot of Blythe at the beginning of the day.

Then we went over to the house with the porch and shot at the back by the door with the ugly lock. At one point, we stopped reflecting light onto the models and started blowing wind onto them. I believe that this was Jamie's idea (he's pretty darned creative) and he did the fanning for me.

I really like how this series of wind-swept portraits came out. Think poignant ending to a movie about the trials of western life ... thing bow of the Titanic ... these poses fit. Kudos once again to Nils and Blythe ... nailed a lot of great poses.

One more from this series was really slick, but I believe was fatally poisoned by the gold reflector. However, all is never lost. This one made a great black and white image.

Now, around to the front of the house and I captured a few head shots of Nils. I quite like this one.

We tried and tried to get this shot with Nils and Blythe on opposite sides of the post. In the end, I thought this one was worthy of seeing the light of day, but again it required black and white to work. In this specific case I did it in gray quad tone.

I was feeling a little guilty about not using enough images from that series with Warren and Betsy after the porch thing. I decided to find a nice portrait of Warren for a sophisticated black and white treatment. His smile wins the day in this shot.

And one more of those excellent images of Betsy whispering in Warren's ear ...

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