Friday, July 31, 2009

Crombie killed my hard drive!

Well, it's not actually dead ... it's full ... and it's not actually Crombie's fault ... it's mine for not monitoring the free space. Last time I looked, I had over 40GB left ... that used to last me two years ... now I shoot RAW at 12mp and 14 bit quite often. I also shoot a serious compact, the G10 with 15mp and I always shoot that in RAW also.

And since discovering that in fact it is kind of fun to have a life, I have rediscovered my love of photography. This is where Crombie McNeill comes in ... his excellent workshops / photoshoots with beautiful and brilliant models has caused me to fill a 16GB card once a month this summer ... and it happens again in a few weeks on the 23rd (the day after I take a friend to see Bruce Cockburn at folk fest.)

So, you see, Crombie is indirectly respnsible for me blowing through my remaining disk space in no time at all.

I went today to my favorite local shop (Over the Top Computing) and picked up a 1TB hard drive with 32GB buffer for a very low $105cad. Tonight I will solve my problem for years to come :-)

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