Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Raven

Weird. This morning I was doing the dishes from last night's soup adventure (yes, I know, shoulda done that last night) and I heard this really strange rustling noise. And since I'm alone in the house I thought it prudent to find out what it was ...

I wandered into the living room and heard it again. Creepy. Then I realized that there was movement in the fire place and sure enough there was a beak and an eye attached to a black bird. The rustling sound was its wings in the wire mesh on the inside of the fireplace.

Luckily I keep the fireplace closed right now, else I would have been chasing him around the house as I have done three times before.

I went back to the dishes while I pondered how to capture him and when I went back to execute my non-plan (throw a towel over him immediately after opening one of the glass doors), he was gone.

Did I imagine it?

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