Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crombie McNeill Workshop with Barrett Palmer Models Mk II - Part 1

I'm going to have to post these images in small groups this time. Waiting until they are all done can't happen because I have far too many keepers this time. I don't really know how many of these will make the final cut, but I think the number will be fairly high.

We had some returning models and some new models. Charlotte, Betsy and Blythe were back, while we added Sam (Samantha), Nils, Warren, Kassie, Bryanna and James. I will amend this later if I forgot anyone.

I have three images to post right now ... the first image I processed is one of Nils and Blythe, shot at the back of a small house with a rear door in view. Nice texture in the wood and nice light -- this side of the house was in shadow at the time.

This was Nils' first booking, and I have to say that he was really good for someone so inexperienced. Very enthusiastic, willing to give us any look we asked for, and able to stay focused on his role through many shots, while the girl changed expressions. This made for a lot of really good images in each series. The above is but one ... I will be posting many of Nils.

Blythe, on the other hand, is extremely experienced and is able to change looks very quickly, generally giving excellent poses one after another. I asked her a few times to get the hand up on her hip for a nice elbow bend and wrist-break, but otherwise she was quite amazing. You'll see plenty of her as well.

The next image is one of Sam, another new model. I have to say that I was blown away by her eyes. Her overall look screams movie star, and that worked out really well with Nils. His ability to look enamored, even lusty (I'm guessing it was not faked :-) works perfectly with close couple shots like this.

This is a contender for my favorite of the shoot. In fact, I jumped way ahead to process this one when I saw it. It was shot at Petrie Island, half an hour after we left the Cumberland Heritage Museum. They were sitting in the water and her left arm was around his neck (that pose was my call.)

This shot screams movie all the way. I get that visceral reaction every single time I look at it. Edit: I tweaked her eyes and skin a bit more and removed a freckle from Nils' upper lip. Small, but important changes.

The final shot is a fun shot where we got Warren (a third new model whom we dubbed Daniel Craig because of his amazing build), Betsy, Sam and Nils to jump out of the water holding hands. This one turned out well enough ... The models were game for a lot of interesting stuff ... and this after they called a bacteria warning over the loudspeakers :-)

This shoot was better than I could have imagined. That 70-300VR lens performed magnificently, and the models looked and performed amazing. Wow ...


Sue W said...

These are really excellent, Kim!

Kim Letkeman said...

Thanks Sue. I'm getting the hang of it :-) ... the models were so easy to work with and it was so much fun.