Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince -- Outstanding!

Well, I'd been conditioned to not expect too much, but I must say that the movie delivered excellent entertainment for two and a half hours. Jon and I both enjoyed it immensely. The CG was truly remarkable, for me the Quidditch match and the sea were the epitome, but the fights and the flights of the Death Eaters were not far behind.

Much more important than the CG, though, was the relationship between Dumbledore and Harry. Gone is the coy game that Albus played with Harry, keeping him at arms length then suddenly bringing him into the circle. Harry has now become his confident ... and spy.

I loved the interplay between the boys and girls, I think it was done better here than in any of the previous movies. You feel Hermione's pain at Ron's brief love affair, and you cheer Ginny on in her attempts to get Harry to consummate his interest in her, at least with a kiss. But, alas, this movie continues the waiting game one more time.

The death scene for Dumbledore was done well ... short and sweet. The book takes a lot longer, but the movie delivers the important message quickly ... Albus martyrs himself to Snape, sending Harry into a rage. Those who have read the books know how this all plays out, and I can't wait.

Excellent movie, well worth the bucks.

P.S. Yes ... I shot these images using the iPhone. Not too shabby ...

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