Thursday, July 16, 2009


Just got my notification from DPReview ...

This is notification that you have been temporarily banned from the forums, details of the reason for this ban are shown below. You will not receive another notification when the ban has lifted, it will simply expire after the period shown below.

Incident: 120602
Ban period: 5 days
Ban category: Flaming / Trolling / Abuse Ban notes:
'We cannot allow the level of bickering going on in the FTF. Five day ban use it as a cooling off period and use the ignore button if there''s someone you know will disagree with you.'

It's about time ... the scumbag ratio on that forum is out of control ...

And what a hoot, that last sentence ... if someone in the forums will disagree with you, use the ignore feature. Consider what they are saying ...

No bickering allowed, ignore anyone who disagrees with you. Else you are banned.

What an exciting forum that is going to be in the long run ... they already have a front page with 3-day-old posts because there is so little going on with Fujifilm these days.


Sue W said...

Again? Crikey...if they can't take the technical heat (and I presume it's about that) it's casting pearl before swine.
Enjoy your camera blogs, where I can understand them - I am not exactly a camera buff. "F-stop? WTF?"

Kim Letkeman said...

Well, the bickering is caused by two conditions -- first, there are people on there who believe in their hearts that they have a clue and then arrogantly attack anyone who sheds a little truth on matters; second, there are people on there who stir the pot for sport -- they are the scumbags to whom I refer. One has already commented back to me in the forums on this blog, whinging about it. I told him I was pleased that he read me :-)