Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Traffic High for Models

The Crombie McNeill Photography Workshop post had a lot of traffic (bench marked against my average of course ... for some sites this is but a drop in the bucket) from its initial posting on 4 July through yesterday, the 8th.

Visits to the site numbered 1559, with almost 2300 page views. Very nice ... but the really cool number is the individual cities that visited my blog over those 4 days. That number is a staggering 887! Wow ...

So the post was popular ... the majority of that traffic being references from Digital Photography Review of course. Obviously, people love those girls from Barrett Palmer Models.

By the way ... another number ... if you multiply the visits by the time per visit, you get a substantial 28 hours of reading over those 4 days ... that is also rather cool :-)

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