Friday, July 31, 2009

Nick's European Tour -- Leg 9 -- Paris

Nick called a short while ago from Paris. The trip was short, 4 hours, because he was traveling at 300km per hour. He says it's pretty weird looking out the window and seeing things move by faster than in a jet at take-off. He was unimpressed, though, that they charged him 41 Euro to book his seat, which is apparently the rule everywhere in France.

The food in Amsterdam was nondescript ... he mostly ate at McDonalds because he couldn't be bothered to pay extra. He loved the city because of its inherent weirdness ... the tourists flocked to his neighborhood like mad ... young couples, old couples ... everyone.

He is starting to flag, though ... feeling a bit worn out from traveling so constantly for 5 weeks. He is looking forward in a few weeks to returning to Leeds to be able to relax among friends. It did not help that he has to move twice in three days ... hostel A has a room for nights 1 and three and hostel B has a room for night 2. Hopefully he can cajole hostel A into giving him a room for night 2, but otherwise he changes location every day. That'll kinda suck.

He doesn't like paying for tourist stuff very much, but he will be making an exception for the Louvre (duh) ... and maybe a walking tour.

And he's off to Marseilles in a few days, then to Barcelona a few days after that ... then to Leeds. Wow ... the summer is racing by!

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