Friday, July 17, 2009

Who da man! Filling with no Freezing

Few things can make you feel quite as manly as getting a filling with no freezing. I busted the top rear quarter on my lateral incisor tooth bottom right ... that's the one next to the middle pair. I was chewing a meal replacement bar and thought it strange how there was so much grit in this one. Eeeewwwwwwww ...

Anyway, as soon as I washed down the bar, I noticed that there was something stuck to that tooth, only it was only an illusion ... in fact there was something missing from that tooth ... like tooth.

I called first thing this morning (for me that happened to be 8:40) and Louise suggested that there happened to be an immediate opening if I could get down there. I took it, hopped in the shower, threw on my summer gear and literally ran to the car. I was there in 10 minutes.

And I was out 20 minutes later ... wow. The new doctor (forgot her name ... oops) said there should be no need for freezing and she was right. No pain while the drills did their work ... although I must admit that it's a tad disconcerting when the drills are grinding away and you know you are not frozen.

So there you go ... super fast service, the repair is perfect, and I feel so manly for having it done without any freezing :-)

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