Saturday, July 18, 2009

Flatfoot III -- The Cure?

Well, Melissa (my physiotherapist) says that I am effectively discharged pending a test of the Achilles tendon. I performed the test today, 45 minutes on the treadmill at a 3.5mph pace with intervals of running and intervals of climbing at a mild incline (3 degrees.) All in all, I climbed 186 feet (about 18 stories) and walked 2.5 miles, burning 380 calories in the process.

I then stretched the two tendons and iced them both for a minute each.

I followed that with a meal (I was starving) of whole wheat small pita pocket with garlic hummus, low fat Miracle Whip, and a brochette of chicken in Buffalo chicken wing sauce. Awesome ... I then capped that with the first swim since the total swimming pool meltdown.

I am satiated and relaxed :-)

Update tomorrow on the Achilles, so far just some mild stiffness.

Update (it's tomorrow): The Achilles is pretty good. Some mild stiffness last night, minor stiffness this morning. Almost unnoticeable, but after a year I notice everything with that Achilles. The question is how it will behave when I walk the golf course carrying 30 pounds of clubs on my back ... or when I walk the Pink Lake trail again before tackling something real like King Mountain ... we shall see ...

Update II: Monday ... it was noticeably stiff later on Sunday, enough that I was a bit worried. But Monday morning it is fine. So I will run the test again later today and we'll see ...

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