Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Forest and the Sea

Hilda Doolittle

Whirl up, sea—
Whirl your pointed pines,
Splash your great pines
On our rocks,
Hurl your green over us—
Cover us with your pools of fir.
So ... another pool update.

Yesterday, it was a slightly lighter green than the forest green it had been ... Jon figured a kind of blue-green / turquoise thing. Of course, I am extremely color blind so I took his word for it (I see color, I just can't accurately name what I see unless the colors are vibrant.)

I suppose that's an improvement. But the pH was still a little low, so I pounded it again with a massive dose of chlorine and a fairly massive dose of pH Up. Today, the pH is high, at 7.8 (wow) ... the alkalinity is reading high too (it was stable the last two days, but obviously pH Up has more of an effect than expected.) And the chlorine is off the charts, as expected.

Oh look ... a Day Lily.

But the pool appears to have improved somewhat this morning. A quick image of that ... this time from the Canon G10 (yesterday I dusted off the Fuji F11 and I must say that I remembered immediately why I stopped using a pure point and shoot ... yuck ... those images were a nightmare to process.)

The color is more what I want ... but it's really, really cloudy. So now we have to wait a few days to see what happens. I backwashed last night, so the filter is running a bit better today.

Oh look ... daisies ...

The G10 is such an amazing camera for a compact ...

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