Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Over the Top Computing

A friend of mine from back in the karate days opened a small computer store local to our neighborhood. I suppose it is his good fortune that our neighborhood has continued to grow like a weed, and apparently so has his business. He has relocated to new and fairly spacious premises and seems to be rather busy these days.

So I'm just dropping the name because I picked up my computer yesterday, about 24 hours after dropping it off, and it works perfectly. A new 1TB hard disk replaces the rapidly dying 500MB hard disk and everything works identically to before. Windows has not squawked about the change, neither have iTunes or Carbonite (my real fear.)

So all is wonderful in my computing world ... I managed to process a half dozen images over night and another half dozen today ... it is taking me about 30 minutes per image because I am performing full blown beauty / glamor editing on every image. But the results are well worth it ... some of these are stunning, even if I do have to say so myself :-)

I will blog these once I the models have seen them all. Some have already been sent out, but I have many more to do ...

Here's a kookie tidbit ... even a very slim model has to sometimes have the liquefy brush applied in order to smooth a bulge here or there ... I've been pretty surprised at how often I have to liquefy one of these women ... I would never have guessed ...

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